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Providence Financial Retirement Show with Anthony Saccaro

What you don't know CAN hurt you! Retirement is the most expensive purchase you'll ever make and because you only get one shot, you better get it right!

Apr 29, 2021

Are you confused about Medicare? If so, you need to listen to this show as Anthony walks through the basics of this all important component of retirement planning! You will learn about the difference between Medicare Part A & B along with whether a Medicare Advantage plan may be a better option for you. 

Apr 26, 2021

Every day, we receive calls from individuals who want to know if they are invested properly for their phase of life. And often times, the answer is no. In this episode, we talk about Judy, a registered nurse, whose investments were actually conflicting with her retirement goals! Take a listen to this show to learn...

Apr 23, 2021

The Trump tax era is about to end and taxes are heading north! If you want to learn what you can do to save taxes, take a listen to this show as Anthony discusses seven tax saving strategies.

Apr 19, 2021

Do you pay too much tax? If not, you probably don't need to listen to this show. But if so, the bad news is that this year may be the lowest tax year you've ever had in your life! If you want to learn how to lower your taxes in the future, you'll want to listen to this show!

Apr 15, 2021

I meet with too many investors who are needlessly taking risk and they don't even know it. In other words, they are gambling with no potential to win! Would you ever sit down at a slot machine in Vegas if you knew you couldn't win? Of course not! But a lot of you may be doing just that. Listen to this show for Anthony's...